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Instant Replay

I believe the idea that instant replay will somehow improve the game of baseball is just a way of expressing that fans want to control the game of baseball a little more than it needs to be….this game has survived over a hundred years at all levels of the game without the need to remove the human element from the game. Umpires with their mistakes included are just as big a part of the culture of our pastime as any hall of fame player or manager…lets not tinker with things just for the sake of control. Over the course of a 162 game season a blown call or inexperienced umpire works itself out . Great teams and great players persevere in the end and to bog this game down with modernizations only trivialized the fact that this game is played by humans who are not always perfect but try their best to succeed. Its different with foul ball replays or home run replays because the umpires are so far from the action to get a good view…I support that but to take away from the umpires involvement in the game will be no more beneficial to the game than trying to computerize the strike zone. I do believe that for every bad call against one team or another there are just as many calls that have gone their way…And their are teams that have had calls go against them and still won out in the end….



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